How much does it cost to become a Heaven and Earth Consultant?

Heaven and Earth only looks out for our best interest and wants us to SUCCEED! The Onboarding Package was created to include some of our top selling jewelry. There are two options to choose from: 1) Build your own or 2) Pre-package Jewelry Kit as long as you meet the minimum purchase of $200.

Are there any additional startup or membership fees?

No! There are never any hidden startup costs or membership fees when you become a Heaven and Earth consultant.  As a consultant, the only thing you are purchasing from Heaven and Earth Collection is the jewelry/inventory.

How do I sign up for Heaven and Earth Collection?

A: Please email: info@heavenandearthcollection.com .  We will guide you through the process! If you were referred or have talked to an H&EC consultant you can contact them to help you with your sign up or any questions.

What if I decide Heaven and Earth isn’t for me?

A:  We understand that life happens, but before you come to the decision to leave Heaven and Earth Collection, we encourage you to reach out to your sponsor first.

Do I have to do in-home parties?

A:  No.  While in-home parties are great with many benefits, you are not obligated to do them. In-home parties allow you to interact and build relationship with your customers.  This will give customers the opportunity to try on the Jewelry in person. In-home parties are highly recommended, as they will help boost sales, find loyal customers and potential team members.  While you can definitely make an amazing income with only online sales and catalog orders, the in-home parties are an invaluable part growing your Heaven and Earth business.

Do I have to sell online?

A:  Yes and No. Many consultants prefer one-on-one interactions with their customers and enjoy providing an exceptional and personal experience. However, selling online will allow you to build relationships with customers all over the country. It will allow you to showcase your inventory to a broader audience and network with people outside your local area. If you decide to sell online H&EC will only allow sales on Facebook or Instagram , in which you must create a approved H&EC group page to sell your items.

Can I make my own prices for the Jewelry?

A:  Yes, and No.  Heaven and Earth have suggested retail prices for all their jewelry. For in-home parties, consultants are recommended to sell within the suggested price range, in order for all consultants to be able to provide the same level of services to customers.

What is the profit margin?

A:  25-50% depending on the items

How long does it take to earn back my initial investment?

A:  On average, a consultant will be able to earn back their initial investment within the first 6-8 weeks. It all depends on how much a consultant is willing to put in the work to create their thriving business.

Do I have to build a team to be successful?

A: No, you can be successful on your own, but a team will add to your support and growth.

How much money do I make?

A: The sky’s the limit just depends on how much time and effort you put in.

How do I build a strong Facebook group?

A:  There are so many different and creative ways to grow your Facebook following.  Building a strong social media following takes time, diligence, and consistency in engaging your audience.